Newest episode of Yugioh Zexal 50 will not air this week. They are taking a week long break and due to some TV specials that week for now. Episode 50 will air April 9th 2012 and a new Opening and Ending will air.  Color Bottle for the OP (Soul Drive) and moumoon for the ED (Wild Child).

Update- May 9th 2012
I will start uploading GX episodes Sub/Dub since I found a great site that has them. I will still continue with Zexal Sub. This Saturday Zexal season finale on Toonzai. Which means no more new dub eps for a while.
: ( Since Summer is approaching and I am almost done with classes and exams- I will continue with 5d’s dub episodes. ( On DevilFruit500 on Dailymotion) While on my AnimeHunters500 Dailymotion- I will continue to upload new anime series that are out right now( attempt if the work or not) I will post the link of when they are done uploading. While on my summer vacation( possibly working again). So I may be delayed on my uploads. Thank you and see ya later : )


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